Welcome to End Parental Alienation, a not-for-profit website devoted to providing education about this emotional form of child abuse to those professionals who intervene in the area of child custody, to those who have been victimized by alienation, and to every parent who is in the process of separating from the other parent. The owner of this website is committed to promoting a shared parenting relationship when both parents are fit.

The information on this website is the work of Linda J. Gottlieb Kase, LMFT, LCSW-R . The website could not have been developed were not for the indefatigable efforts of Joan Teresa Kloth-Zanard, who programmed this site.  Joan has developed her own complementary website entitled, www.PAS-Intervention.com. Linda affirms that the websites are complementary in that Joan’s website offers invaluable information to the alienated parent as to how to respond to her/his painful predicament. Linda's website addresses treatment interventions for the PAS child using the modality of structural family therapy, developed by her mentor, child psychiatrist, Salvador Minuchin; provides scientific and anecdotal documentation as to the very real existence of the PAS; suggests how the PAS–aware evaluator can provide credible testimony about the existence of the PAS and its detrimental effects to children; and finally offers suggestions as to how to discredit the alienator’s expert witness. But the ultimate goal of this website is to educate about how to facilitate the parents to develop a collaborative co-parenting relationship.

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Message from Linda J. Gottlieb Kase, LMFT, LCSW-R, owner and founder of End Parental Alienation.